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Listed below are some of the practice tests for the First and Second Semester. (The practice tests are all multiple choice questions in order for students to have instant access to the correct answer over the Internet.  The practice test questions also have links to the lecture notes on the Internet, where solutions to the questions can be found.  Audio and Video explanations of these questions can also be found on the Internet in the "Virtual Lecture" column of the Lecture Notes Page.)
Make up tests may vary from these descriptions.

bullet Chapter 3 Practice Test  
bullet Chapter 4 Practice Test (Use Internet Explorer)
bulletChapter 5 Practice Test
bulletChapter 6 Practice Test
bulletChapter 7 Practice Test
bulletChapter 8 Practice Test
bulletChapter 9 Practice Test
bulletChapter 10 Practice Test
bullet Chapter 11 Practice Test
bulletChapter 12 Practice Test
bulletChapter 13 Practice Quiz
bulletChapter 15 Practice Test
bullet Chapter 16 Practice Test
bullet CST Practice Test (California Standards Test for Alg 2)
bullet Final Exam Practice Test



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