Honors Computer Science Notebook

Your Honors Computer Science notebook must be a three-ring notebook (spiral notebooks do NOT qualify as a three-ring notebook and therefore do not meet this requirement) organized with four dividers labeled in the following order as noted below:

 1) HANDOUTS- Include all handouts such as your class objectives and class procedures.  Also, all supplemental handouts must be kept here in chronological order.  (Include the date you received the hand out.)

 2) NOTES- Include all written notes with the dates on them.

3) ASSIGNMENT SHEET AND HOMEWORK- Keep an Up-to-date assignment sheet in this section listing all assignments and assignment numbers.  Also in this section you will keep each assignment with a set of corrections for each paper.  Refer to Homework Guidelines for information on how the homework is to be done.

 4) ASSESSMENT - In this section you will keep a learning log for each test as we review the test in class.

This notebook must be brought to every class meeting, and will be collected periodically for the purpose of grading.




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