Goals and Objectives 1999-2000



1. Student Achievement: Continue use of authentic assessment in the classroom & student self-assessment.

Every class is required to keep a portfolio of their work in a 3 ring notebook format. There are sections for Programs/Projects, Homework, Notes, and Special Projects. This also assists students in the process of self-assessment. They correct their own homework each night, record this score on the homework & keep this in their "3-ring portfolio." They also keep the results of their exercises in Algebra II using Accelerated Math (see below)

2. Student Achievement/ Curricular Objectives: measuring student progress towards California State Standards (as well as subject level performance) in Algebra II. Aligning curriculum to State Standards.

I am piloting some new software, called "Accelerated Math". It is a database with 230 Objectives for Algebra II, correlated with the California State Standards. It can keep track of every objective and every student that meet the objectives at percentages that teachers can define to be mastery level. It can generate practice problems, exercises, and tests so that each student has a different form of worksheet or test. It can generate multiple choice or free response questions.

3. Develop Department curriculum. / Improve use of technology

Begin to Develop curriculum for the proposed course Computer Science: Scripting Languages. Preparation: Algebra I

4. Develop Department curriculum. / Instructional Strategies:

Improve use of technology.

Revise AP Computer Science curriculum to make more efficient use of our time. Also to improve on my lectures, which will be presented using PowerPoint.

5. Develop Department curriculum. / Improve use of technology.

Revise the Computer Science curriculum to use the language "Pascal" for the 99-00 school year. Develop PowerPoint lectures to teach the class.

9. Learning Environment

Communication of Standards for student behavior.



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