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bullet What research says about multitasking (Dr. Cantor video) 9/8/17
Thumb wars and Rock Paper Scissors at the same time

bullet The most dangerous things you can do on your cell phone
(Kim Komando) Socrative Check

THINK before you post on social media 11/29-11/30
THINK acronym

Questions to ask
More questions to ask


Key to success: Grit


The 21 worst tech habits—and how to break them (PC World)


NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) 2/14-2/15
NIHL and earbuds

Headphones, earbuds and hearing loss
"Noise Thermometer"
NIHL (good, detailed article)
Search for Decibel Meter apps for your phone
The Musician's Guide to Hearing Protection

Hearos Ear Plugs (Guitar Center)


Create and Use Better Passwords 3/5/18
The Dumbest Passwords People Still Use (

How To Create a Strong Password

Four Methods to Create a Safe Password That You'll Actually Remember



Computer Vision Syndrome (screen time & EYE health ) 4/23/18
Is Screen Time Affecting Eye Health?

Screen Time Hurts More Than Kids Eyes
What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?
Things You Can Do
8 Tips To Prevent Eyestrain


Screen Time and Health  May
How All That Screen Time Affects Your Health

Screen Time: Mental Health Menace or Scapegoat?
Gray Matters: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain







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