Java Links




MagPie Lab

bullet Watson on Jeopardy 1
bullet Watson - the Hardware
bullet Watson on Jeopardy The Science Behind an Answer
bullet Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now
bullet Elbot
bullet Chomsky
bullet Santa


AP Computer Science Practice Problems

bullet Practice It
bullet Interactive Python (It has a Java Review for the APCS Java Exam)


AP Computer Science College Board

bulletAP Computer Science Java "A" Course Teacher Main Page
bulletAP Computer Science Java "A" Course Description for Students
bulletExam Test Schedules
bullet Previous Free Response Test Questions
bulletAP Course Audit Teacher Page

Ken Lambert's (Our Textbook Author) Pages

bulletKen Lambert's Main Page
bulletAP Computer Science with Java


AP Computer Science Past & Present Chief Readers (of the test)

bulletChris Nevison: Colgate University APCS Web Page
bulletOwen L. Astrachan: Duke University APCS Web Page
bulletMark Stehlik: Carnegie Mellon University APCS Web Page\


Sun Microsystems Java Pages

bulletSun's Top Level Java Page
bulletProducts and API


Free Java Compilers

bulletJCreator LE Free IDE
bulletDr Java



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