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AP Computer Science Java


5020 AP Computer Science Java HP-grades 10-12


This course assumes prior knowledge of computers. The emphasis of the course content is the preparation of the student for the AP Computer Science A exam in May and programming in the Java language.   There will be a focus on problem solving and on Object Oriented Programming.  Problem solving will be based on problems and ideas from previous math courses including concepts from second semester LCHS Math 2 Advanced.  Included in the study of the Java language are the Java programming environment, Java syntax, input, output, data structures, constants, variables, branching, indefinite loops, definite loops, methods, debugging, recursion, user defined types, arrays (one and two dimensional arrays), searching, sorting, programming style, graphics, classes and objects, files, and the AP Board’s project programs.. 

Preparation: LCHS Math 2 Advanced. with grades of “B” or better, when taken for the first time.  Honors Computer Science C++ or Honors Computer Science Python with a grades of “B” or better (or the Instructor's approval), touch typing 30 wpm or better, passing score on math diagnostic tests, competence in written communication, knowledge of the Windows Operating System, and previous programming experience would be helpful but not necessary. 
Note: Honors Computer Science C++ and/or Honors Computer Science Python are recommended as a prerequisite for AP Computer Science. 




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