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AP Computer Science Java

Assigned Programs

The computer programs for this class are considered class work.  Every line of code, every word, every command, every character in the code must be written by each student individually in class using JCreator without copying anyone else's work in class using your assigned computer and saved in your assigned storage space in your "S:" directory for this class.  Whether you violate the school's Honor Code or not, your grade will reflect the work that you do on your program in class.  Recall the following points from Mr. Clausen's Computer Lab Guidelines:

3. Students should not copy or submit work that is not their own and that was not completed in accordance with assignment guidelines.  Students should not allow others to copy their work or acquire a copy of another students work under any circumstances.  This includes looking at another students computer monitor.  Students must follow the LCHS Honor Code.
9. Students are not allowed to use floppy disks, CDís, DVDís, USB drives, external drives of any type, or other removable media in the classroom.  Students are not allowed to electronically, infrared, photographically, cell phone usage, or by any other method transfer class work, projects, programs, quizzes, tests or anything else to any other location other than the locations designated for your class use by Mr. Clausen.  This also prohibits the use of Internet file storage or briefcase locations.
10. Students should not play any computer games ever, or access the Internet without first obtaining the teacher's permission.  Students are not to download or transfer by any method, any files from other computers.
15.   I understand and accept that as a consequence of violating the above rules, my classroom or school network account may be disabled for a period of time.  I understand that loss of this account will make it difficult to do required schoolwork.

All student programs must be written in class, not at home or on any computer other than the computer that you are assigned to in the seating chart in class.


bulletProgram 2A.pdf
bulletProgram 3A.pdf
bulletProgram 4A.pdf
bulletProgram 6A, 6B, 6C.pdf
bulletPrograms 5A.pdf
bulletProgram 7A.pdf
bulletProgram 9A, 9B.pdf
bulletProgram 10.pdf
bulletProgram 11A, 11B.pdf
bulletProgram 12A, 12B.pdf
bulletProgram 14A (RPSLS)
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Rules
bulletProgram 15A Word Jumble.pdf
bulletProgram 16A MadLibs.pdf
bulletNotes: Ellipse General to Standard Form
bullet Program Final Graphics.pdf




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