CA Standards



Algebra 2
California State Standards


From the State's Web Site:

bullet California State Math Standards (K - 12 pdf) 1997
bullet CST Released Questions from all grade levels and subjects
bullet Algebra 2 2009 Released Questions (96 Questions)  
bullet Algebra 2 2008 Released Questions (80 Questions)  
bullet STAR CST Blueprints (all subjects and grade levels - 2005)


From LCUSD's Web Site:

bullet Power Standards (all grades and subjects)
bullet Algebra 2 Power Standards (Updated 1/12)
bullet Algebra 2 Pacing Guide (Updated 1/12)


Local Copies of State Standard Information


bulletCalifornia State Math Standards (K-12 pdf) 1997  
bulletCalifornia State Algebra 2 Standards For CST Test (2002-2003 Blueprint Assessment Items)  
bullet CA State Standards: Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, & Probability in MS Word Format  
bulletAlgebra 2 Deconstruction pdf  
bullet Algebra 2 Dolciani Textbook Correlation to State Standards (2008)  
bulletAlgebra 2 CST Blueprint (2005)  
bullet Interactive Multiple Choice Algebra 2 CST Released Questions (80 Questions with links to lecture notes)


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